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Marco Appugliese has been dealing with photography since he was 17 years old when he began to work as apprentice in a photographer’s studio located in Rome, the city where he was born and where he still lives today. He was immediately able to master the film development and black and white printing techniques and to use even the most sophisticated printing processes in a very short time.

He also took care of shooting and worked as assistant for number of photographers. After graduating in Mathematics at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, he focused his interest on art photography by experiencing new technical and expressive methods. In 1993, during some multimedia concerts, he proposed his black and white slides obtained through a particular process he had himself conceived. Ever since, he has held many exhibitions both in Italy and abroad. The themes he loves to deal with relate to female images, portraits and scene photography. Among his works, the remarkable b&w series of “Donnaluna”, “Ombre di luce” and “Eclissi” – where he proposes the female nude through sharp light and shadow effects – need a special mention, as well as the collection of female visages of the High Key series and the books dedicated to Italian circuses with scenes and behind the scenes shots. All his black and white photos have been taken on film and then printed on chemical photo paper by the author himself using the traditional methods, while the color pictures are based on the digital technique that Appugliese has used for more than 10 years. Today, he keeps focusing his personal research on female images, portraits and dancing and is currently setting up new techniques concerning digital and infrared shooting. Moreover, he is also studying the rayographs.

With a professional registration as free-lance journalist, he has produced some texts and images for several magazines and publishers. Interested in period and modern car racing – a hobby that occupies part of his spare time - he also collaborates with number of vintage car magazines. 
Knowing deeply both analogic and digital techniques, he teaches photography courses at different levels that combine technique with composition and creativity. He is also the one responsible for arranging the expositional space of the Italian site of UET (Istituto Europeo per il Turismo) in Rome, where he works on exhibition schedule, artist selection and mounting.

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